The main role of the treasurer is to protect the TDP budget with your life – and search for new ways to secure the budget. You work in close contact with the co-heads of initiatives to manage significant amounts of money, predict the costs for future events and to request invoices from our event partners. This role requires much discretion in terms of how much to allocate to each payment category and which system of accounting to use; the most important requirement is that good accounting principles are adhered to. The TDP board as a whole bears legal, personal responsibility for the budget; the Treasurer is the first gatekeeper of this responsibility. 


The core tasks and responsibilities of treasurer include:  

  • Creating the proposal for the budget based on estimates – and being able to account for them during the midterm and final meeting with the Supervisory Board 
  • Uphold the good accounting principles by keeping track of all transactions and invoices (managing the budget) 
  • Making payments via our bank account  

What we can offer you 

  • The opportunity to develop skills such as estimating costs, budgeting/accounting, managing a business bank account.  
  • The experience of being entrusted with a significant budget and money management, which could be excellent for future career prospects 
  • Monetary compensation of 1000€ in total for one academic year 

What we ask for 

  • At least 5 hours of your time 
  • Available the entire academic year 
  • Punctuality and organizational/planning skills 
  • A friendly/approachable demeanor and communication skills 
  • The ability to take initiative 

Skills required for this role:   

  • Organizational skills 
  • Precision / solid attention for details 
  • Persistence to keep your fellow board members to adhere to the budget 

If you would like to apply, please send us your motivation letter (250-500 words) and CV via In the motivation letter, please answer the following questions:

  • What role are you applying for and why would it be a good fit for you?
  • What can you provide for the board?
  • What do you think the board can provide to you?

We look forward to receiving and reading your application!