dine & dwell: de peper


Dine and dwell: de peper

Time: dinner at 19:00 and the event at 21:00
Location: Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam

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Come spend an evening at de Peper on Thursday, June 23rd!

De Peper is a non-profit cultural space and community kitchen that stands for healthy and creative vegan food for low costs and connecting creatives of various subcultures in a cosy, familial atmosphere. The project is hosted under OT301, a formerly squatted building that now holds community-run projects such as art studios, a cinema, radio station, and more!

De Peper is run completely by a group of volunteers that split up the various tasks like cooking our artisanal vegan food, bartending, contacting artists, and so on. In this way our diverse and democratic volunteer collective hopes to be a real life example for horizontal organising and building localised urban community.

De Peper evenings involve the combination of a three-course 100% vegan and organic dinner with a cultural program of musical performances and visual media. This leads to many colourful and exciting times with a familial and comfortable atmosphere.

The event being held on Thursday is a comedy night with a group of (english-speaking) professional stand-up comedians that are coming to experiment with some new material in front of a fun audience! If that sounds like something you’re up for, come join!! As inclusivity is at the core of what the de Peper collective stands for, please make us aware of any dietary restrictions you may have so that we can accommodate and include you!