Head of Public Relations

The Head of PR is responsible for the visual identity and exposure of TDP. Furthermore, this person is responsible for maximizing the turn up at events and energizing the student body to get initiatives off the ground – in collaboration with the co-heads of initiatives. This person’s main task is to create promotional materials for the events organised by the board, both online (social media) and on campus (posters, presentation slides).  
The core tasks and responsibilities of the head of PR include:  

  • Keeping all communications on brand to maintain the visual cohesion of TDP, including developing branding materials such as merchandise 
  • Keeping social media up to date for events, incl changes 
  • Aiding in designing and maintaining the TDP website 

What we can offer you: 

  • Experience in marketing 
  • Experience with design software  
  • Expanding your network 
  • Creative outlet 
  • One-time compensation of 1000 euros at the end of the board year 

Skills required for this role:  

  • Ability to use design software (i.e., Adobe InDesign and Illustrator) 
  • Social media skills (mainly Instagram) 
  • Time management and planning skills 

If you would like to apply, please send us your motivation letter (250-500 words) and CV via tdp-pple@uva.nl. In the motivation letter, please answer the following questions:

  • What role are you applying for and why would it be a good fit for you?
  • What can you provide for the board?
  • What do you think the board can provide to you?

We look forward to receiving and reading your application!