what is a talent development programme?

It is an organisation that works to provide you with workshops to teach you new skills and become that much wiser. We also try and provide you opportunities by providing you with links to start your professional career search like internship opportunities.

who can attend tdp events?

Any and all PPLE students are welcome, if you have a friend from outside of PPLE who would like to attend with you then please contact us and let us know first. Tutors and staff are also able to attend if they would like. There is a limited amount of space for most of our events and workshops, so please do so as soon as possible.

how can i become a board member?

You can apply to be part of the team during our recruitment phase in April of each year. TDP also helps to host Student Initiatives, if you have an idea for a workshop and want help to see us through, fill out this form. We also are always looking for volunteers to help with workshops or events.

what is the difference between core and student initiatives?

Core initiatives are TDP’s main events, the ones we host consistently. These events don’ change too much, but can vary from year to year. Student Initiatives are your opportunity to fill a gap you don’t see in student events. If you have questions about either, please contact us!

how do student initiatives work?

If you have an idea for a workshop please fill out this form. Make sure to tell us why you think the event will benefit PPLE students, and how it relates to our mission as TDP. We want to help YOU create an event, so we will give you the resources and aid to make it happen but the initiative is your ultimately responsibility to see through. However, this isn’t necessarily intended for you yourself to teach a workshop (although this might be the case on rare occasion).

what if i can’t attend an event i registered for?

Please inform us as soon as you can by email. If you cannot attend, it is likely we have someone who would like to attend in our place.

do I have to pay for events?

TDP events are free for all attendees! In the registration form you are asked to fill out payment information, but you can leave the card info blank! You still have to enter your name, etc. We have no means for saving any card data (we’ve specifically removed storage), so please don’t worry about that section – it’s just built into the system and can’t be fully removed.

what is the difference between tdp and aim?

AIM is PPLE’s study association, it organises events that range from parties to trips to debates, with the goal of increasing the community feeling of the PPLE student body. The academic committee hosts events that focus on engaging with the PPLE curriculum. TDP hosts speaker events, masterclasses, and workshops throughout the year that focus on professional and personal development and connecting curriculum to real world contexts. TDP’s Student Initiative Programme provides a space for students to host workshops for things they want to see or feel are missing from their PPLE experience.

any other questions?

If you have any other questions please contact us via email through the contact us page on the website. If you’re lucky we might include your question on this page for the future.