Co-Heads of Initiative

As co-head of initiatives, you are tasked with the planning of TDP’s “key” initiatives, and you coordinate student initiatives as per the TDP statutes. The key initiatives are linked at least to the PPLE alumni network and career week; they are defined at the beginning of the year and imply coming up with ideas, contacting the necessary people/locations, and communicating the details back to the TDP board. Organizing student initiatives means helping students develop their ideas into coherent, actionable initiatives; students get to realize their own ideas with the funding and planning of TDP. This role includes helping TDP engage in longer-term projects, such as collaborations with other organizations (e.g. CREA, Movies that Matter, Artis). Lastly, one co-head will take on a place as a member of the alumni network board. 

To illustrate this role a little more, below is an example of an initiative:  

If you were to come up with a trip to the ICC/ICJ in The Hague – as that is linked to multiple PPLE courses and enriches the learning experience of students –, you would first talk to the TDP board for approval, pitching your idea. Then you would contact the relevant people (perhaps the AIM travel committee for a collaboration or transport services/venues for the trip itself). You would then organize the event with all the stakeholders in mind, keeping the board updated throughout the process. An x number of days before the event, you would need to have full details prepared so that the head of PR can begin marketing it – so people can sign up. Finally, you would be in charge of executing the trip (potentially together with other PPLE students and/or TDP board members). 

Core tasks and responsibilities include: 

  • Planning and executing core initiatives  
  • Facilitating student initiatives 
  • Leading and fostering collaborations with other organizations 
  • Advertising events at lectures / to your fellow PPLE-students/friends 
  • For one Co-head: membership of and activity in the Alumni Network Board 

What we offer 

  • The opportunity to develop essential skills such as: communication and planning 
  • Experience leading and delivering projects that you initiate 
  • Making connections and collaborating with other organizations.  
  • Monetary compensation of 1000€ in total for one academic year 

What we ask for 

  • Able to commit (at least) 10 hours per week to TDP 
  • Available the entire academic year
  • Punctuality and organizational/planning skills 
  • A friendly/approachable demeanor and communication skills 
  • The ability to take initiative 

Skills required for this role:   

  • Organizational skills 
  • Precision / solid attention for details 
  • Experience with Excel  

If you would like to apply, please send us your motivation letter (250-500 words) and CV via In the motivation letter, please answer the following questions:

  • What role are you applying for and why would it be a good fit for you?
  • What can you provide for the board?
  • What do you think the board can provide to you?

We look forward to receiving and reading your application!